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Many Oaklands

The Demographics Dashboard shows population density (people per square mile), median home value, housing affordability index (a comparison of median home prices and median income), and diversity index.

The Demographics Dashboard also has Oakland bookmarks. Many Oakland bookmarks. Although Oakland, California is the most well-known, Wikipedia shows us that there are many Oaklands in the United States.

The Bookmark button lets you quickly choose a different Oakland.

Included are:

  • Oakland, California

  • Oakland, Florida

  • Oakland Park, Florida

  • Oakland, Illinois

  • Oakland City, Indiana

  • Oakland, Iowa

  • Oakland Acres, Iowa

  • Oakland, Kentucky

  • Oakland, Maine

  • Oakland, Maryland

  • Oakland Township, Michigan

  • Oakland County, Michigan

  • Oakland, Missouri

  • Oakland, Nebraska

  • Oakland, New Jersey

  • Oakland, Oregon

  • Oakland, Tennessee


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